Whitewebbs Loop (old New River course)

Led by Peter Baker

You can download these details in PDF format for easier printing: New River Whitewebbs Walk.

Thank you for your interest in joining us to walk part of the old Whitewebbs New River Loop. This is a circular walk of approx. 6 miles. You are welcome to join us for all or part of the route.

The cast iron aqueduct on Flash Lane and a New River Company marker post in the undergrowth on the old course

Start 10.00 am at Enfield Town Station.

From the station, we will cross Southbury Road and note part of the old course & the 3 pipes going under the road with the recharge station opposite. We will then follow the new course to Turkey Street. On the way, note corner of Jewish Cemetery which we will come back to when returning on the Whitewebbs Loop.

We have arranged special access to the Radiomarathon Charity grounds near Myddelton House, so that we can see the gardens etc. built on the filled in bed of the old NR course.

We will then continue on through Myddelton House (for a coffee break) to Beggars Hollow.

We will then walk via the footpath to join the northern part of the Whitewebbs Loop, proceeding to the 'Flash' viaduct, then back to Beggars Hollow where we stop for lunch.

Afterwards, we continue on the Old Course to Forty Hill where we will then follow the approximate route through side roads and alleyways to the corner of the Jewish Cemetery.

On the way we will see gaps between houses where the NR used to run and NR items in the road.

We will then follow the Old Course which will take us back towards Enfield Chase station & thereafter Enfield Town station.


Lunch wise - as refreshment facilities at Beggars Hollow are limited, we suggest that you bring a packed lunch or join us in the nearby Rose and Crown pub.

Please note that dogs are not allowed in either the Myddelton House or the Radiomarathon Gardens.

Being a charity, Radiomarathon would gratefully accept all donations for allowing us this opportunity to walk around their grounds!

Also note that we will have to take care to walk around the football pitch in the Radiomarathon Gardens to avoid a football match!

Peter Baker & John Polley
(New River Action Group)
07814 546772
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