All-Day Walks 2013

NRAG member John Polley is leading five walks along the New River on Sundays in 2013, with a special 400th anniversary walk on Sunday 29th September.

Walks are normally around 15 miles (25 km) in length, and it's not unusual for them to finish at an attractive pub!

We do hope you can join us for at least one of our walks!

The next walk is on Sunday 20 October, from Enfield to Hertford. Details here. You can also download the same details as a Word document or PDF document.

Details of walks include estimated timings.

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400th Anniversary Walk

The 29th September this year marks the 400th anniversary of the completion of the New River when, after more than 5 years work, it flowed into the 'Round Pond' at New River Head, Islington. From the Round Pond, water was distributed in hollowed-out elm pipes to those in the city fortunate enough to be able to afford a fresh water supply. It was usually fed to the ground floor of dwellings, although it wasn't by any means a constant supply, and sometimes little more than a trickle! However, its water was certainly cleaner, safer & much more convenient than that carried from the River Thames or other sources by water sellers! The creation of the New River was one of the greatest engineering and mapping works of its time, and the New River Company was one of the first companies in the world, the first in the UK to be substantially financed by the King, and one of the longest-lived companies to have existed, operational for over 300 years. The New River is still supplying drinking water to London.

Dates of Walks

The walks all take place on Sundays, and all start at 10 a.m.

  • 21st April - Enfield to Sadlers Wells
  • 2nd June - Hertford to Enfield
  • 4th August - Old New River loops (Whitewebbs & Enfield Town)
  • 29th September - 400th anniversary walk - will be from Manor House to Sadlers Wells where we will join the celebrations being held in the New River Head gardens (this walk was previously announced as 'Enfield to Sadlers Wells' ie to New River Head, but the wish to incorporate the celebrations, not originally known about, meant choosing a shorter route).
    Please see the Calendar for the details of this walk, and download the route details and invitation.
  • 20th October - Enfield to Hertford. Details here.¬†You can also download the same details as a Word document or PDF document.

John Polley
07814 546772